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Work in Europe give you the ability to choose your own path. From just organizing the legal documents so you can move and work freely in Europe to carrying the whole process by setting up the right papers, getting you a job with one of our partners and helping you with the right place to stay. Start by simply applying for one of our job openings and our team will get in contact with you. Alternatively just send us an email about working in Europe. Begin your European working and living journey today!

How do we do this?

By getting you a self-employed status in a European country you will be able to receive residency documents and working permits. Once you are settled in that European country, the free movement of goods and services allows you, with the right documents, to move freely within Europe.

Being self-employed means that you don’t have an employer and you have to take care of your own accountancy. Stark & Partners can provide you and help you with that.

Our team of advisors will guide you through the process of becoming a legal worker in Europe. After getting in contact with us you will be given all necessary details of documentation you may need to begin.

Working in Europe – Benefits

Working and living in Europe will come with great benefits like earning in Euro, accessible healthcare, wide access to public transport, available career progression, access to worlds best universities or simply being able to travel around. European countries offer a chance of a better work-life balance. The daily working hours are reasonable so you can still enjoy activities outside work.

You will also be able to support your family overseas as the hourly rates are higher than most other countries around the world. Your earnings in Europe will allow for a better future for yourself and your close ones.

Should you have any questions.
Do not hesitate to contact us.